Orthopaedie und Traumatologie

The foundation for high-quality progress at the Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma is continuous research in this broad field. The research spectrum includes basic research on musculoskeletal bone and soft tissue tumors, clinical and experimental trials including cartilage and joint replacement methods and reconstructive traumatology with translational aspects.


Excellent networking

Excellent networking with other departments, divisions and institutes at the Medical University of Graz, national and international clinics and institutes is essential to successful research and is illustrated in the network map.


Research units

To consolidate our research, our department has established two research units.

As part of a HORIZON2020 project, the spine team also concentrates on scientific investigation of an Osteogrow factor to improve posterolateral interbody fusion in degenerative disc disease.



In a specially established research lab, staff investigate bone tumors, osteoarthritis and tissue engineering. In our gait laboratory, gait sequences are captured in 3D and analyzed. Gait analysis facilitates our planning of surgical interventions. It is conducted to optimize treatment and serves to monitor therapies and completed operations.